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Letter J Preschool Unit

OVERVIEW We spent 2 weeks on our Letter J Unit -- two school days during week 1 and two school days during week 2. This time I really focused on sticking to The Peaceful Preschool as much as possible to minimize my overall prep. We were intermixing lots of fall-themed reading & crafts these weeks… Continue reading Letter J Preschool Unit

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Letter G Preschool Unit

OVERVIEW For Letter G we followed some of The Peaceful Preschool curriculum for Good Night, Gorilla and Goodnight Moon. I then covered three classic stories: The Gingerbread Boy, Goldilocks and The Three Bears, and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. FYI: I covered six classic stories in this blog post in more detail. And, since goats are such a hit in… Continue reading Letter G Preschool Unit

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Letter H Preschool Unit

OVERVIEW We did 4 school days for this unit over the course of 2 weeks, with some other fun learning activities mixed in. I centered each day around 4 books: Henny Penny, The Little Red Hen, The Little House, and The Three Little Pigs. Three of those are classic stories, which I covered in this blog post in more… Continue reading Letter H Preschool Unit

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Letter C Preschool Unit

OVERVIEW We covered a variety of things for one week of Letter C doing The Peaceful Preschool curriculum and some other activities. Caps For Sale was probably the most impressionable and memorable: what a fantastic story! C IS FOR CAMPING We also spent an entire week on C is for Camping -- you can view that… Continue reading Letter C Preschool Unit

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Classic Story Extensions for Preschool

OVERVIEW "Fairy tales don't condone poor behavior; they simply relate what occurs. Children learn very early that there are good people, bad people, kind people, cruel people, and assortments of behavior in between. And children have room in their lives for all sorts of miracles.... an active imagination [is] a token of the liberty of… Continue reading Classic Story Extensions for Preschool