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Becoming a Naturalist with Clare Walker Leslie

Clare Walker Leslie: An Introduction I have shared about Clare Walker Leslie's books before in my post about Nature Journaling, but I thought I would take some time and explore in more detail some of Leslie's thoughts on nature journaling and connection with nature as well as provide some information about her published works that… Continue reading Becoming a Naturalist with Clare Walker Leslie

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Our Second Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices

ABOUT OUR HOMESCHOOL I've been blogging about our Homeschool curriculum choices for awhile now and have used a variety of things over the course of Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade. I've settled in to a few favorites and you will see some continuations from last year. At this point I prefer secular curriculum, but I… Continue reading Our Second Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices

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Wild Dogs Nature Study

Books Wild Dogs: Wolves, Coyotes, and Foxes by Deborah HodgeFirefly Encyclopedia of Animals (Dogs, pages 26-27)Wolves by Gail GibbonsWild Tracks by Jim Arnosky (Canine Tracks)Tooth & Claw by Jim Arnosky (Wolves)Bringing Back the Wolves by Jude IsabellaThe Big Book of Beasts by Yuval Zommer (Foxes, Wolves)Hungry Coyote by Cheryl BlackfordThe Eyes of Gray Wolf by… Continue reading Wild Dogs Nature Study

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Salmon Nature Study

Books Swimmer by Shelly GillNature Anatomy by Julia Rothman (Salmon Life Cycle pages 198-199)An Anthology of Intriguing Animals (Salmon pages 114-115)We Travel So Far by Laura Knowles (Sockeye Salmon pages 12-13)Atlas of Animal Adventures (Leaping Upstream with the Sockeye Salmon pages 54-55)About Fish by Cathryn Sill* *Note that this book is a very basic introduction… Continue reading Salmon Nature Study

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National Parks Unit Resources

Curriculum: Traveling the Parks (The Waldock Way) Book Seeds Profiles in Science: John Muir (Blossom & Root) Traveling the Parks uses guided lessons with a Student Notebook as a way to pretend to travel to National Parks throughout the U.S. together, learn about the parks in an engaging way, and includes wholistic learning. The curriculum… Continue reading National Parks Unit Resources

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Dinosaur & Fossils Study Resources

Books Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures by Emily Hawkins Dictionary of Dinosaurs Dinosaurs by Gail Gibbons Dinosaur Discoveries by Gail Gibbons Dinosaur Bones by Bob Barner When Sue Found Sue by Toni Buzzeo Mary Anning and the Sea Dragon by Jeannine Atkins Stone Girl, Bone Girl by Laurence Anholt Dinosaurs By The Numbers by Steve Jenkins Colorful World of… Continue reading Dinosaur & Fossils Study Resources


Endangered Species Nature Study

Books Don't Let Them Disappear by Chelsea Clinton A Wild Child's Guide to Endangered Animals by Millie Marotta Survival by Louis McNaught Extinct by Lucas Riera If Sharks Disappeared by Lily Williams If Elephants Disappeared by Lily Williams If Polar Bears Disappeared by Lily Williams An Anthology of Intriguing Animals by DK Lovely Beasts by… Continue reading Endangered Species Nature Study