The Peaceful Preschool


A good friend of mine suggested The Peaceful Preschool to me as a potential homeschool curriculum back in February of 2017. I purchased it, reviewed it, and then got to reading a bunch of homeschool books to draw inspiration and learn, learn, learn.

The Peaceful Preschool is a nice mix of educational philosophies and allows for so much freedom to tailor the activities and timing to your own unique family situation. I absolutely adore this curriculum! Everything you need is laid out for you and it creates a low-stress situation for the at-home parent. The book list is perfection, and the project-based ideas are right up my alley. There’s even a private Facebook group you gain access to once you purchase The Peaceful Preschool or The Playful Pioneers–I draw encouragement and ideas from here in addition to the general Instagram community. You can download the Letter A unit for free here to get an idea of how the curriculum works.

I have opted to generally spend two weeks on each letter because doing only one week felt rushed to me. I started out with 3 or 4 school days a week but now I’m focusing on doing only 2 school days a week, and maybe a 3rd for just review or on-theme invitations-to-play. Typically one week of the letter will be activities from The Peaceful Preschool, and the second week will be activities based on my children’s interest and ideas I pull from books, Pinterest, and other moms on Instagram.

You can view summaries of all our Letter Unit Activities here.
I wrote a blog post at The Peaceful Press Blog here about our first year through The Peaceful Preschool curriculum.