Our Homeschool in Detail

Note that my “style” or approach is evolving. So you may find things we did for my oldest at Preschool that I did totally different for when my youngest arrived at that age. Overall our at-home education is an eclectic mix of Secular Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Unit Studies, Waldorf, Forest School and probably some things that don’t even have a label! 



First Grade

Second Grade

Transition to Public School

New to Homeschooling?

Here are some helpful places to start:

Homeschool Styles (5 Different Approaches from Wild + Free)
10 Tips for Homeschool Newbies (Brave Writer)
Small Beginnings (A Homeschool Starter Guide for the Early Years)
The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child
The Homeschool Style Quiz (And 6 Approaches Explained)
Homeschooling: Which Model Is Right For You?
Cathy Duffy Reviews (Homeschool Curriculum Reviews)

Resources and Books by Homeschool Philosophy

Personally, I pull from Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Waldorf and Secular homeschooling philosophies of education and create a living education at home that fits our family’s values and my children’s personalities. I am sharing below lots of resources I have read and pulled from over the years. I acknowledge there are other styles not represented here so do not believe this list to be comprehensive.

Charlotte Mason

*Contains religious content

Favorite Curriculum & Learning Sources

*Contains religious content

Resources For Unit Studies

Most of the resources below are for nature-based unit studies.

How to Plan A Unit Study from Chickie & Roo

*Or see any of the Montessori resources listed above in the Resources and Books by Homeschool Philosophy section. I almost always use some Montessori materials in any unit we do.

Preschool Curriculum Reviews

See my blog post here for information on Homeschool Preschool Curriculum options.

Homeschool Printing Options

The Homeschool Printing Company

Making Family Count

Family Nest Printing

For the Read Aloud Family

Books to Read
Helpful Websites

Positive Parenting Favorites