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The following is a list of all of my Affiliate Partners:

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Amazon is an often-used affiliate program for Bloggers because it truly is an easy thing to do. I love me some Amazon Prime!!

BR logo Blossom & Root

We have used and will continue to use many of the Blossom & Root curriculum elements. There are many levels available in this secular curriculum, and I particularly love the nature focus and great literature selection. We will be using all the elements from the Year 1 Bundle including the Book Seeds and in the future I hope to use the History curriculum.

1553437446536.png The Peaceful Press

I have used and love so many of The Peaceful Press products. We first were introduced to this wonderful resource by doing The Peaceful Preschool. I fully support this product and think their learning materials provide for such a rich family-centered home education.

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 9.39.09 AM.png SQUILT Music

This is an engaging and thorough music learning program for all ages! There are so many resources and benefits for non-member or members available. Lots of packages come not just with printables for learning but a rich curated list of videos. The resources are geared toward homeschoolers and meant to be fun and fit in to your schedule with ease. Such a rich resource!

23421476_494208360965076_1663352615112540160_n.jpg Chalk Pastel You Are An Artist

A plethora of guided video art lessons for a wide range of topics! This is such a fantastic resource my kids enjoy. I love the themes and countless amount of lessons available, as well as the tone and ease in which the lessons are presented. A true gem.

All About Learning

We love All About Learning! We switched to this reading and spelling curriculum for the 2020-2021 school year and I cannot say enough how much I love it. View our First Grade Curriculum Choices and Do A Lesson With Us: All About Reading Level 1 for more details.

Pandia Press

For our First Grade Year we are using History Quest: Early Times and adore this narrative-style history book (plus the additional study guide with lots of hands-on activities and curated book lists and videos to explore history in depth in a playful way!) See our First Grade Curriculum Choices for more details.