Diverse Representation in Children’s Nature Books

First, Let's Talk About the Lack The lack of diverse representation in children's nature-based books should come as no surprise. If that statement does surprise you, I recommend reading this article from The Atlantic from 2019: Where Is the Black Blueberries For Sal? (Ashley Fetters) The article talks about how most children's book in nature-based… Continue reading Diverse Representation in Children’s Nature Books

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National Parks Unit Resources

Curriculum: Traveling the Parks (The Waldock Way) Book Seeds Profiles in Science: John Muir (Blossom & Root) Traveling the Parks uses guided lessons with a Student Notebook as a way to pretend to travel to National Parks throughout the U.S. together, learn about the parks in an engaging way, and includes wholistic learning. The curriculum… Continue reading National Parks Unit Resources

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Dinosaur & Fossils Study Resources

Books Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures by Emily Hawkins Dictionary of Dinosaurs Dinosaurs by Gail Gibbons Dinosaur Discoveries by Gail Gibbons Dinosaur Bones by Bob Barner When Sue Found Sue by Toni Buzzeo Mary Anning and the Sea Dragon by Jeannine Atkins Stone Girl, Bone Girl by Laurence Anholt Dinosaurs By The Numbers by Steve Jenkins Colorful World of… Continue reading Dinosaur & Fossils Study Resources


Land & Water Forms Nature Study

Books Geography From A to Z: A Picture Glossary Water Land: Land and Water Forms Around the World MAPS Landforms (Science Readers) Earth's Landforms and Bodies of Water Mother Earth's Beauty: Types of Landforms Around Us Islands (Learning About Landforms) Printed Resources Land and Water Forms Nature Guide (The Silvan Reverie) Continents and Oceans Flashcards… Continue reading Land & Water Forms Nature Study


Endangered Species Nature Study

Books Don't Let Them Disappear by Chelsea Clinton A Wild Child's Guide to Endangered Animals by Millie Marotta Survival by Louis McNaught Extinct by Lucas Riera If Sharks Disappeared by Lily Williams If Elephants Disappeared by Lily Williams If Polar Bears Disappeared by Lily Williams An Anthology of Intriguing Animals by DK Lovely Beasts by… Continue reading Endangered Species Nature Study