About Me


Hi, my name is Sarah. I’m 35 and have lived in Indiana my whole life. I’m married to my favorite person in the entire world. We have 2 kids: one boy who’s 4 1/2 and one girl who will be 3 in May.  We started our Preschool at Home journey in May 2017, doing 2 weeks for each letter of the Alphabet: one week of The Peaceful Preschool (with adjustments) and then one week of my own plan based on my kids’ interests.

I’m incredibly grateful to get to be home with my kiddos at this phase of life. I’m seriously inspired by so many homeschooling philosophies, but particularly Charlotte Mason and Montessori.

I have no education background BUT I love learning, Jesus, my kids, creativity, and the outdoors and have the *desire* to be doing this with the full support from my husband. Right now I have no solid plan past preschool at home. Still open to different options, reading, and learning.

Why “The Silvan Reverie”?


We live in a private residence on a camp property where my husband works. The camp is situated on a 2,500 acre woodland property in southern Indiana. The camp runs programs year-round for recreation therapy (mainly summer camps for children with chronic illnesses and disabilities, but there’s also an equine program for therapeutic riding), environmental education (mostly during the spring and fall for 5th graders), retreat & special event groups, military families, and adventure education (team building and leadership).

The camp is fully accessible. Kids with disabilities and chronic illness can experience summer camp here with no limits, just like any other kid going to summer camp. It’s a really beautiful and incredible experience. And, it’s so fun for us to get glimpses of it as we live on property.

The property has hiking trails, wildlife, a lake with a beach, a pool, areas for fishing, horses, challenge course & climbing elements and a zipline. In summary: I’m jealous of my kids’ childhood and never I want to live anywhere else!!