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All About Reading Level 2 – Curriculum Review and Lesson Example

Why We Used All About Reading

As of January this year we are public schoolers, but while homeschooling I used All About Reading to teach both of my children to read. My oldest completed Levels 1-3 and my youngest went about halfway through Level 2.

I shared a detailed look about Level 1 when I used it for my youngest for her Kindergarten year and you all really liked that video so I thought I would do the same and share about All About Reading Level 2. Again, I used this curriculum in its entirety for my oldest and then halfway for my youngest for her First Grade year. She entered public school mid-way through her First Grade year and was able to read with joy and and thrive in her reading progression thanks to the skills gained from the All About Reading program.

Here are a few of my favorite things about All About Reading:

  1. Lessons are clear & focused for the child.
  2. Lessons are fun! There are lots of engaging activities utilized and the illustrations and stories are wonderful.
  3. A multi-sensory approach is used so I know my kids will take part fully in their leaning and maintain excitement for the lessons.
  4. It’s truly open-and-go! Lessons are easy-to-follow and require minimal prep for the educator.
  5. I’m not left wondering if I’m forgetting something or doing it wrong!

Note that this curriculum thoughtfully separates out Reading and Spelling into two separate curriculum tracks. Here is a helpful post explaining why reading and spelling is taught separately. This strategy worked beautifully for both of my children. I understand that there a a number of affordable language arts curriculum options for homeschoolers that combine all subjects of Language Arts into one notebook/curriculum. I tried this approach with my oldest and could tell it wasn’t working. By switching to All About Learning’s approach, he was able to really advance his reading skills at his own pace and not worry about “keeping up” with his spelling and writing skills. We took a slower approach with those and he eventually did “catch up” and was able to enter public school as a Second Grader just fine. It really was lovely to focus on reading skills alone by using this program.

What I purchased for my First Grader:

All About Reading Level 2

All About Spelling Level 1

Letter Tiles App

Note that the app can be used for multiple children for multiple levels of BOTH All About Reading and All About Spelling. I love the app!

Video Inside Look and Example Lesson

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