Engaging STEM Activity Books for Children

The popularity of STEM-based activity books for children has increased over the last few years. Today I am excited to share The Kitchen Pantry Scientist books that I think really hit the mark in this genre of books.

The Kitchen Pantry Scientist series, from Quarto Kids, contains the following three books:

Physics for Kids (published February 2022)
Biology for Kids (published May 2021)
Chemistry for Kids (published May 2020)

Each book contains 25 different labs utilizing (mostly) items that can be found around the house. Each lab contains nicely detailed instructions paired with real photographs and a summary paragraph explaining what is going on with each lab experiment. In addition to all of these engaging activities, each experiment is actually paired with a specific scientist from that field of study. A short one-page biography and illustration of the scientist is included in the book before each experiment. So, not only are your children able to participate in some fun hands-on science activities, they get to learn a little history and context using a real scientist as an example. Many of the scientists featured will likely be unfamiliar to the children (and adults).

These activity books work for a number of educational scenarios and I think parents and educators alike will find value in them. The intended age range of these books is ages 6-12, which is a decent age span. Note that the younger children will need assistance in reading through the activities and completing the experiments. I think a number of the concepts and labs would be fun and appropriate for 6 and 7 year olds. Children on the older end of that age spectrum will be able to read through the book and complete the experiments on their own, mostly using materials found already in their home.

I love how engaging these books are and the experiments are nicely detailed. The scientific explanations are just the right length for children this age. The photographs and illustrations paired with each lab are spot on. There is much to love!

For an inside look, take a peek at this video I put together:

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***Note: I was given review copies of these books via Quarto Kids. Opinions are my own.

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