Favorite Nature Journal Supplies & Resources



For Young Children

I use these notebooks for my 5 and 3 year old, and they illustrate with either colored pencils or crayons.

If you have older children than mine, investing in a watercolor journal for them would make some sense!

Phenology Wheel Resources

My Phenology Wheel How-To

I first use a compass with a HB pencil to construct my phenology wheel circles. I find the center point of my page with a ruler to set my compass to. The outermost circle is 3.75″ diameter and the innermost circle is 0.75″ diameter. I have a circle for each of the following:

  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • Low Temp (actual, not predicted)
  • High Temp (actual, not predicted)
  • Weather
  • Moon Phase
  • Date

Once the circles are drawn in pencil, I use a ruler & pencil to divide the circle into 32 wedges. No month has 32 days so you will always have at least one wedge that is grayed out. Some people use that wedge to write the month in it.

Once I have everything created in pencil, I go back over it freehand (no ruler, no compass) with a Micron 005 Pen (be very gentle if you use this pen). Then, I erase my pencil lines. Why do the pencil first with a rule if I’m just going to freehand the pen? Because I want the wedges proportional! I like the style of a freehand ink line but I don’t want the overall wheel to be sloppily shaped & proportioned.

After that, I do some initial watercolors for most of the circles, write in my dates, and illustrate the moon phases for the whole month. The sunrise/sunset, temperature & weather data I wait to do until *after* that day has occurred.

The illustrated journal items on the outside of the wheel I do whenever I feel like it! I may write down some notes from a few days of nature exploration, and then sit down to illustrate a few things at a time.


Books to Inspire Nature Journaling

Related Books for FUN

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