A Few Blog Updates

New 3-Part Card Sets Available

I added Letters T through Z 3-Part Cards to the Free 3-Part Cards page.


I also added lowercase versions of some of my free themed sets! I’m slowly making may way through the other sets and hope to have them all up soon. I also will add my Penguins Breed set from our Antarctic Unit.

Bible Lessons by Letter Unit


I updated this page and added our Bible Lessons for Letter Units O through S.

Updated Book List

love of nature books

I added Outside Your Window: A First Book of Nature by Nicola Davies to our Seasons Book List on our Nature-Inspired Book List page. A wonderful nature book celebrating all four seasons!! I will continue to update this page and add books by theme as we discover new ones so be sure to check back occasionally.

Update to Daily Rhythm


We have switched to using ABC See, Hear, Do every school day for our beginning letter sounds and I’ve updated our daily rhythm and resources page to reflect that change. I really recommend checking out the ABC See, Hear, Do website for letter learning inspiration!

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