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Letter D Preschool Unit



For Letter D we covered The Peaceful Preschool activities plus some of my own ideas, mainly covering one week of D is for Duck and one week of D is for Dog. I moved the “Go, Dog, Go!” activities from The Peaceful Preschool curriculum from Letter G to Letter D because we were doing a lot of dog-related activities and I thought my kids would be up for that book.




The Golden Rule (via The Peaceful Preschool’s memory verse: “Do unto others…”)

We read from our Bible the story of the Good Samaritan, and talked about how Jesus helps us to be like the helper in the story. We made a list of 10 good deeds on little yellow hearts (which I later added to one sheet to display).

Then, we read the story A Hat for Mrs. Goldman because I thought it was a nice illustration of The Golden Rule: the girl Sophia in the story shows empathy & identifies a need (Mrs. Goldman needs a hat) but also acts on that empathic response to be generous with her talents & time (knitting a hat for Mrs. Goldman).

We then made golden pom poms to help remind us of The Golden Rule (DIY instructions are actually in the back of the book!!) My son also made the letter D with gold squeeze paint and little letters with gold glitter glue.

You can view all our A-Z Bible Lessons on this page.



*from The Peaceful Preschool book list

NOTE that I have a 2 year old and so I try to get some other books for her to enjoy. I think some of the books above I’d probably leave off my list if it was just my preschooler.


This week we learned the song & hand motions for 5 Little Ducks (link is to Jam with Jamie’s How to Sing Classic Kids’ Songs)

IMG_5049.jpg Read Aloud + Storytelling Make Way for Ducklings

We read through the story several times. We counted out peanuts to feed the 10 ducks just like the story, and kept track of mom & dad as we read (looking at our Sibley bird postcard of a mallard duck to show the sexual dimorphism).

I created the ducks using 1.5″ wood craft coins.

IMG_5122.jpg Sink or Float activity in our “duck pond”:

  • Gather household items, natural materials, and in this case a few Letter-D items (dog, dolphin, dump truck, dinosaur).
  • Make 2 trays with SINK and FLOAT signs.
  • Demonstrate sink and float first.
  • Then, pick one item up & ask the kids to name it.
  • Ask the kids to predict whether the item will sink or float.
  • Throw it in the water and see if it sinks or floats
  • Have them fish it out with a net.
  • Have them sort it on to the correct tray.
  • Repeat.

This activity involves:

  • Object recognition
  • Large motor skills
  • Sorting
  • Decision making
  • Practical life skills
IMG_5113.jpg Rubber duck race game down a “river” by blowing through a straw (fine motor skills & hand-eye coordination)
IMG_5112.jpg Uppercase + lowercase letter matching game — put labelled rubber ducks in a “duck pond”, fish one out with a net, and match pairs as you go.

I did just letters A through F for this activity.

IMG_5115.jpg Duck Pond fun:

  • Follow The Leader (run around the duck pond, jump in, sit on the grass, splash the water, etc.)
  • Move a rubber duck with a spray bottle for a fine motor skills activity
IMG_5202.jpg D is for Duck out of play dough & Coreopsis flower petals (they looked like duck feet!)

Book: I Wish That I Had Duck Feet

I slip the D from The Peaceful Preschool in to a write and wipe pouch that way when we are done forming the letter with play dough we can use the printout for other activities.




Invitation to build a duck pond. Use any natural materials and something for “water”

What we used:

  • Homemade blue play dough
  • Equisetum
  • Cattails
  • Rocks
  • Sticks
  • “Lily pads” — leaves cut with 1-inch circle punch
  • Animal figurines [ducks, fish, turtles, frogs]
  • Sorting tray


IMG_5215.jpg Clothespin and craft stick counting activity



  • Number recognition
  • Counting
  • Fine motor skills
  • One to one correspondence

Book: 10 Little Rubber Ducks



*from The Peaceful Preschool book list (note that Go, Dog, Go! is in the Letter G Unit)



Harry the Dirty Dog painting activity (printable from Simply Learning)

The kids painted with Q-tips white and black paint on the opposite colored Harry.

(AND chalkboard write and wipe letter D practice)

IMG_5434.jpg Dog treat transfer & counting activity.


  • Tray
  • Mini dog treats
  • Numbered muffin tin
  • Tweezers


Dog care practical life skills.

  • We gave our dog a bath
  • Brushed him
  • Fed him (my 2 year old does this chore every day)
  • Walked him (also something we do every day)
  • Worked on dog tricks
IMG_5513.jpg We read aloud If You Give A Dog A Donut during breakfast. We ate donuts, poured apple juice (like in the story) with a pitcher, and worked on forming the letter D in a sugar & rainbow sprinkle writing tray.


Play dough donut shop invitation to play! We made donuts & pretended to own a donut shop, each taking turns paying with pretend money and serving each other at the table.


  • Various play dough colors cut into donut shapes using biscuit cutters
  • “Chocolate” frosting: brown oobleck (add cocoa powder to regular oobleck)
  • “Vanilla” frosting: white oobleck
  • Rainbow sprinkles
  • Play/pretend kitchen & money

What’s involved:

  • Practical life skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Counting skills
  • Imaginative play
  • A huge (but worth it) mess
IMG_5620.jpg D is for Donut mixed media donut painting.

Book: Please, Mr. Panda!



It’s a dog party!!

Connecting The Golden Rule to our D is for Dog week: doing a good deed for our dog and dog-owner friends.

So, together we made:

  • “donut” dog treats for each dog friend, and
  • puppy chow for the dog owners

I put the goodies in containers, labelled them for each dog + owner, added a little note, and then we took a walk to  hand deliver as many as we could.

IMG_5766.jpg Go, Dog, Go! fun:

  • Playing red light, green light with this little cardboard sign I made awhile ago (one side is red with “STOP” the other is green with “GO”)
  • Balloon toss
  • Red, yellow, green dot paint on to the letter D
IMG_5614.jpg Go, Dog, Go! color sorting and counting activity.


D is for Desert

We matched animal 3-Part Cards to small animal figurines.


Book: Nature Anatomy



D is for Desert small world sensory play with natural materials and our Safari LTD Desert Animals TOOB
IMG_5896.jpg Letter of the Week object game:

What’s Missing? — Lay out a few objects, identify each item, have your child close his/her eyes & remove one item, then have them open their eyes and identify what is missing. A really simple & engaging game we often play!

IMG_5613.jpg Games with our Letter D 3-Part Cards (via Treehouse Schoolhouse):

  • Memory — my preschooler’s favorite
  • Matching picture pairs — for my 2 year old

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