Letter Unit Activities

Letter F Preschool Unit


blog postWe spent several weeks on Letter F because our F is for Farm activities were so engaging that we spent two weeks on Farm learning & play. You can see all those learning activities over at this blog post.

The following is mostly inspired by The Peaceful Preschool Letter F Unit as well as my own activities. I’m not going to share too much detail from The Peaceful Preschool because you can just buy the curriculum and get much better detail there if you are interested.


*A Fish Out of Water and Ten Little Fish are from The Peaceful Preschool curriculum



IMG_8798.jpg “Let’s go!” story from The Jesus Storybook Bible and “A Wish for Fish” from The Rhyme Bible. For more details regarding our Bible lessons see this blog post.


We started poetry tea times in the afternoons this week and it was such a HIT! I was so happy to gather suggested poetry books and find lovely fish-themed poems to enjoy.

IMG_8920.jpg “The Silver Fish” from Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends

“Down By The Pond” by A.A. Milne from Now We Are Six

“Gollum’s Song” from Poems from The Lord of the Rings

“June 30” from When Green Becomes Tomatoes: Poems for All Seasons

“The Days of the Week” by Elsa Beskow from Around the Year


IMG_8879.jpg Fishing for 3-Part Cards

Phonics, play, large motor skills


  • Fishing pole: stick + string + magnet
  • Cut fish shapes from construction paper
  • Paperclips (for the mouth of the fish)
  • Letter F 3-Part Cards via Treehouse Schoolhouse
IMG_8856.jpg Water beads sensory bin & sea creature counting

We hid sea creatures in a water bead bin, fished for them and counted as we went (matching numbers to numerals). And: we just played a ton! We all loved these water beads so much — though be warned that they *bounce* around! I put towels down to catch them as they fell.


IMG_8855.jpg Blow goldfish crackers off the table with a straw (one kid) and catch them with a bucket (second kid). Take turns.

Fine motor skills, concentration, and strengthening muscles in the mouth (for speech).

I can’t even explain how hilarious we all found this to be! Such a fun and simple game!! Do it immediately.

IMG_8784.jpg FISH story reenactment.

Phonics, play, fine motor skills

Fish by Walsh is this lovely wordless picture book — I was surprised by how much my son was taken with this story. He loved it so much that *he* had the idea to reenact the story using Duplos. I helped find pieces to create the letters and then he reenacted the story. For the record: Duplos are one of our favorite toys. So many possibilities for imaginative play!

IMG_8982.jpg Round sticker fish bubble counting activity printable via Simply Learning

Counting skills & fine motor skills.

Two great books for Fish-themed counting: Ten Little Fish (Wood) and Fish Eyes (Ehlert).

IMG_9016.jpg Ice fishing & bubble-making sensory play

Sensory play, color identification & mixing, science

Note we did end up pouring in just straight warm water to make the fish melt faster towards the end of their play.




Stamping activities

Stamp It! Write It! Poke It! via Simply Learning

Stamping Swimmy art piece


IMG_9100.jpg Art project

Stamping The Rainbow Fish art piece with cut celery pieces (for fish scales). We LOVE this story and read it a ton this week!

I had my son help cut the celery pieces with our Nylon knife set

Paint from IKEA



How Animals Move sorting activity & nature study: Feathers, Feet, Fins

Idea adapted from Slow and Steady Get Me Ready

I made the three sorting cards which are available as a PDF here if you’d like them.


  • 3 plastic bins
  • Blue rice for sky + shaving cream clouds
  • Dirt bin (black beans, pinto beans, brown rice)
  • Water dyed blue (liquid food coloring)
  • Small animal figurines (birds, land animals, sea animals) — I placed roughy a dozen of each kind in one tray for my son to sort after we read Fish is Fish and acted out how animals move.

This also brought about a larger conversation about animals that *don’t* fit nicely into these 3 categories: ducks, frogs, flamingos, alligators, etc. So fun!!

IMG_8919.jpg Play dough letter F formation & A Fish Out of Water play. Phonics, play, storytelling.


IMG_9233.jpg Dry erase write and wipe F and f


IMG_9234.jpg Chalkboard write and wipe F and f


IMG_9173.jpg 3-Part Cards matching  

I place all of the whole cards in the pocket chart, then supply him with the picture cards and word cards. He then matches the separated words with the pictures on the table (using the whole cards as a guide). This has to be one our favorite ways to work with the 3-Part Cards. I was hesitant at first to buy this Tabletop Pocket Chart, but it’s really been such a huge part of our letter learning that I don’t regret buying it at all!



IMG_9249.jpg Explore freshwater fish & look for fish at the lake on our nature walks

Books used:

IMG_9250.jpg Swimming with the fishies at the lake
IMG_9235.jpg Fishing at the lake
IMG_9015.jpg Fish at the pet store visit

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