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F is for Farm Preschool Activities


IMG_7108.jpgI decided to do multiple weeks of F is for Farm learning activities & play before doing the Letter F Unit from The Peaceful Preschool because it worked out that we could attend the Indiana State Fair during this time frame. Below is a detailed account all of the activities & resources from our F is for Farm unit with referral links. Hope you find something useful!


I’m providing a list of farm toys you’ll be seeing in the pictures but please know that I do NOT advocate for spending lots of money on toys! Less is more. Don’t feel like you need the “perfect” item to tell a specific story: kids are so open and creative. Reading books, looking at real-life pictures & interacting with things in person is just as (if not more) meaningful as having the perfect toy or learning resource.



Singing and Movement games from Games Children Sing and Play. I got this recently but it is now our our list of books we use every week. I love it so much!

  • “Hunt the Cows”
  • “Here We Come On Our Ponies”

Finger Puppet Song: “When Cows Wake Up In the Morning”

  • You can find a video example of this via YouTube. We do this song at our library story time so I got out some farm animals and had the kids pick which animal would wake up next. You could also use farm finger puppets.

Wee Sing Mother Goose Farm themed songs (for in the car):

  • Mary Had a Little Lamb
  • A Boy in the Barn
  • Hickety, Pickety, My Black Hen
  • Donkey, Donkey
  • To Market, to Market
  • This Little Pig Went to Market
  • Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
  • Little Bo-peep

Of course “Farmer In the Dell” and “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” are other favorites.


IMG_7192 Sensory tray letter formation. I first demonstrated how to write letter F using our Didax Educational Resources sandpaper cards and then I placed oats in a wood tray and had my son form the letters using his finger. Little sister got a tray of oats just to play with.
IMG_7212 Letter F out of grains. I have both my kids spread glue with a Q-tip (holding it like a pencil) on to the letter before adding “grain” materials. They either sprinkle & spread the material with their hands, or place it in the sensory tray and shake the tray of materials over the glue-covered paper.
IMG_7457 A to Z Farm-related items scavenger hunt. Super simple: Lay out A-Z cards and go on a scavenger hunt to find items that begin with each letter. We used this book and this book as guides.
IMG_7961 Farm animal letter match.  The cards are a free printable you can get here. I had my son first match the animal toy to the card and then use our movable alphabet to make the farm animal word.


I will also note that the book 1001 Things to Spot on the Farm has SO MANY excellent counting opportunities!


Kitchen Scale Weighing Grains

Measure & weight out various “grains”: whatever you have around the house (In our case–oats, popcorn kernels, lentils, rice). This is our kitchen scale. I had my son measure out 2 Tbsp of each item into the bowl on the scale. We read the number together & wrote it down. I had my son pour the item into one cavity of a 6-cup muffin tin. Repeat. At the end, we compared the numbers and talked about which one was heaviest, and which was the lightest.


Red Barn Window Matching Game

Red barn counting and numeral match activity: matching the number of items to the corresponding numeral. I cut up pieces of a cardboard box into the barn shapes, painted them red and then used my Uni-posca medium paint pens to do the white part. The number cards pictured are via The Peaceful Preschool.


IMG_7160 Farm animal feeding station using hay and various grains
IMG_7371 Little Blue Truck themed farm animal washing station
IMG_7906.jpg Corn print painting. Roll some corn in some paint, and roll it across paper. We did this on the floor. And then painted with our feet!
IMG_7902.jpg Corn husk scarecrow: follow the instructions on making a corn husk doll in Farm Anatomy, except add a stick after you put the arms under the husks and hot glue that stick to a base at the end.



Farm animal products sorting activity

Make separate squares on a large sheet of paper (or 4 separate sheets) for cow, pig, sheep, and chicken. Free printable here for the farm animal product cards (print on cardstock & laminate). Book: The Farm by Alain Gree


Fruits & vegetables sorting activity

Simply sorting activity. Free printable here for the fruits and vegetables (print on cardstock & laminate). Book: The Farm.


Baby Farm animals matching & naming

Farm families free printable from The Pinay Homeschooler

The book Baby Farm Animals is also helpful


Food, Animal, Tool sorting activity

I cut in half our The Little Farm vintage Association Dominoes for this activity. Try eBay for the game or you could make your own flashcards.


Chicken Study: Lifecycle, terms, & egg sampler

Chicken lifecycle free printable from Treehouse Schoolhouse. Toys: Schleich chicken coop. We also cooked eggs for a sampler: fried, scrambled, hard-boiled (I had my son peel & crack the various eggs). Books: Farm Anatomy & Food Anatomy.


Cow study: Dairy products

We put heavy cream in a small jar & took turns shaking it to make whipped cream, then did it again to make butter. Book: The Farm by Alain Gree

IMG_7443.jpg Practical life: making seasonal-ingredient ice cream

Sweet corn flavored ice cream with a blackberry swirl

Recipe found in Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home


The following are some real-world experiences we had during this unit:

IMG_7320 Farmer’s Market

Interact with farmers, observe what produce is in season.

IMG_7321 Orchard

Observe what fruit is in season & see fruit trees.

IMG_7789.JPG Indiana State Fair

Pretend to farm, interact with a wide variety of animals, pretend to drive tractors, visit a Pioneer Village and see farming without modern technology.

IMG_7498.jpg Horse Barn

To see live horses and how they are kept.

The picture is of a 150+ year old corn crib on the camp property where we live.

IMG_7812.JPG Homestead

To pair with our visit to the Pioneer Village at the Indiana State Fair — witness how farmer’s in the 19th century lived & worked.

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